PDQ Machine List

Precision engineering, CNC and grinding machinery

We are constantly investing in new machinery to grow our list of services and skills. From the latest non-contact measuring devices to four-axis CNC milling machines. Although modern machinery excels in so many areas there is always a need for the more traditional tools and hand-finishing techniques. We combine contemporary and traditional to achieve optimum results.

Milling Machines

CNC and manual milling machines

Our line-up of milling machines allows us to produce various parts either from 3D profiled components to general milled items. Products produced in-house on these machines include components for high tolerance aerospace components to medical equipment.

PDQ Precision YCM CNC milling machine

Accuracy is a key feature of these machines. High quality boring heads are capable of producing complex, accurate parts.

PDQ Precision Bostomatic 4-axis milling machine

The Bostomatic 4 axis milling machines are specifically used in the production of rotary parts.

Examples are: roll dies, medical impellers or radial cams.

PDQ Precision Bridgeport manual vertical milling machine

Used for the machining of keyways and angled holes in general milled parts. We regularly rely on this machine to produce prototypes and one-off parts.

A superb old-school machine.


CNC and manual grinding – surface, universal, cylindrical and centreless

PDQ Precision have a range of CNC grinders, milling and grinding machines and lathes

CNC Universal grinding

Acquisition of the latest Kellenberger Universal CNC Grinder enables us to offer the benefits of accuracy, repeatability and the production of complex forms that only CNC grinding can offer.

The machine has the ability to form grind, generate and combine internal with external grinding, these benefits are unmatched by manual machines.

Manual cylindrical grinding

We have a range of manual cylindrical grinders providing the ability to grind a range of parts to a very high standard. We are able to manually grind up to 200mm diameter and 600mm long, we can also grind tapers, both internally and externally.

To complement our larger universal machines, we have a fine grinding machine which is ideal for small delicate components. Using using this high frequency grinding unit we are able to grind both externally and internally .

PDQ Precision manual surface grinding

Manual surface grinding

Our manual surface grinding machinery enables us to grind components up to 300 x 600mm in one setting. Combined with the use of fine pole magnets, we can grind fine, thin components including machine setting shims for packaging machines and aerospace assembly departments. With the addition of a 10:1 diaform attachment our surface grinder can form the wheel to specific shapes enabling us to grind complex forms into flat components.

Centreless grinding

The machine has the ability to both plunge and through grind, plus it features a pneumatic ejection attachment which ensure parts are removed safely and quickly.

This machine is well suited to both large and small components where centres are not permissible or possible. With the addition of specialist blades and wheels this machine enables grinding of soft materials where zero blemishes or grinding marks are permissible.



2 axis, driven tooling. Bar-fed machines that can turn and mill

Our CNC Lathes are ideal in the production of both small and medium sized batches due to both machines being quick to set and program. With both machines having driven tooling in both the X and Z axes we are able to reduce the number of operations required to produce parts which historically would require milling.

Coupled to their respective bar feeders the turning section offers the capability to supply larger batch work. Capabilities of up to 65mm through the bore.

Precision turning and milling capable of working a range of materials including stainless Steel and titanium.


Highly accurate inspection and measuring

Quality drives all areas of engineering, looking pretty is no good if the part does not fit. With the application of our quality system and the implementation of ISO9001:2015 we are able to monitor the production of components using first off inspection, in process checks and final inspection. With precision in the company name we do our utmost to live up to it.

PDQ Precision Axiom CNC CMM measuring machine
PDQ Precision shadowgraph machine for non-contact critical measuring

With the acquisition of our latest Axiom 2 CNC CMM machine linked to the latest Aberlink software we are able to compare customers 3D model directly to the manufactured part and produce inspection reports to verify customer requirements are met. Utilising other inspection methods including our Mahr digital height gauge, an In-size surface finish tester ( ideal for inspection ground parts ) Bore gauges, Thread gauges, Comparators and various manual inspection methods and equipment you can be sure that’s parts supplied by PDQ are to customers specification.


Various methods for preparing surfaces or to achieve the perfect finish

Our suite of finishing options will remove burrs, scratches or rust. Our finishing services ensure that bores are smooth, free of debris and are ready for fitting and assembly with precision clearances where needed.

Our high quality bead blaster is capable of blasting with various medium to give any finish required – from pre anodising preparation to rust removal.

PDQ Precision rumbler and demurring machine