Precision engineering

Design and manufacture of machine components and parts with low tolerances

Using a range of precision machines, including CNC lathes, mills and grinders, our team of operators and engineers precisely measure, manufacture and test to our customers’ exact requirements. We work direct and on a sub-contract basis manufacturing critically accurate components.

PDQ Precision use a digital measuring machine called a CNC CMM
PDQ Precision work from traditional technical drawings as well as CAD programmes
PDQ Precision can reverse engineer complete one-off parts

Direct and sub-contract: Aerospace • Packaging • Labelling • Motorsport • Tobacco cutting • Food • Stationery • Medical • Nuclear • Sub-sea Oil and Gas

Reverse engineering

Our reverse engineering services allow for obsolete or worn-out parts to be re-manufactured. We use our CMM machine (coordinate measuring machine) to accurately digitise a three-dimensional model. From this it is possible to produce manufacturing drawings for the production of the component. Laser scanning offers a fast and precise way of measuring tens of thousands of points per second on small and larger scale objects.

PDQ Precision reverse engineered this RS125 clutch cover
  • This Honda RS125 casing is now out of production. We laser scanned a donor cover to generate a 3D model. A programme was written using our CAM system and we manufactured the part.

Repair and overhaul

We strip down the supplied machine part and analyse the parts for worn components. We manufacture new replacement parts then re-assemble to present a like-new, refreshed assembly. This service is carried out on tobacco machine parts, cutting assemblies and other manufacturing machine parts.


Prototyping allows a designer to build a working model of a new system or product idea. We can manufacture a one-off component for testing purposes which will determine and clarify fit and dimensional accuracy. 3D printed components can rapidly trial a product and avoid costly bulk manufacturing errors.
We can design in-house or accommodate your own design files. Be assured that at PDQ we take your privacy very seriously and will adhere to any non-disclosure agreements with our customers.

  • Fully confidential prototyping service

Single operation

We are able to complete a part-finished process on a sub-contract basis for other precision engineers or manufacturing companies. For example, components that have been partially milled or requires final grinding services to complete an already turned and hardened work piece.

  • Sub-contractual service from each stage to completion

CAD to production

We can offer a full service from initial CAD designed prototype, manufacture and test through to production of small or large batches. We can progress your idea from the very first principle to delivery of a mass-produced product.


If you prefer us to call you, simply request a call-back. We’ll be in touch within 24hrs for a no obligation chat.