CNC Machining

From a 2D or 3D CAD design through to the final CNC precision-made product

Precision CNC machining services (computer numerical control) is a highly versatile and accurate machining process used to produce detailed products and components. Many quality-critical industries rely on the accuracy afforded by our advanced computerised measuring, milling, turning and grinding services.

PDQ Precision CNC machining services – milling, turning and grinding

Direct and sub-contract: Aerospace • Packaging • Labelling • Motorsport • Tobacco cutting • Food • Stationery • Medical • Nuclear • Sub-sea Oil and Gas

3 and 4 Axis CNC Milling Services

Milling is a machining process where a multi tooth cutter is used to remove material for primary roughing processes or secondary finishing operations. Primarily milling is a profile generating process however additional features include, drilling, slotting, tapping and thread milling.

As well as 2D profile milling our 3-Axis milling services include the 3D machining of complex shapes and forms direct from STP or IGS models. An example of this is the continually altering radial profile of our Venturi Carburettor product.

PDQ’s 4-Axis milling machines predominantly manufacture complex rotary dies for several packaging industries. Made from various tool steels these machines are capable of not only machining dies in the soft state but also re-cutting them whilst hard following a re-grind. As well as rotary dies our 4-Axis machines are used to produce various radial features including radial or angular drilled and milled parts together with the multi-face machining of batch work.

PDQ Precision CNC milled engine case for a heavy lifting drone
PDQ Precision Kellengberger CNC milling machine

CNC Turning Services

Turning is primary a 2-Axis process used in the machining of round bar into various shaft, roller or pin like designs. It usually includes various bores, threads (internal and external) and transitions between diameters. PDQ’s lathes are well suited to machining various materials from 90 shore plastic through aluminium, steel stainless, tool steel to heat resistant alloys like inconel.

With all of PDQ’s lathes fitted with driven tooling and full C-Axis functions this allows for multi-functionality. The ability to not only turn components but also to undertake the milling operations whilst still in the lathe gives PDQ a flexibility in production method allowing for less machine set ups, quicker deliveries and reduced prices. The driven tooling and C-Axis facility technically adds an extra milling machine to PDQ’s capacity.

CNC machining and turning services by PDQ Precision

CNC turning – 100% accuracy

Our clients hail from a broad range of industries as almost anything can be machined on this equipment. Some of the aerospace and medical products demand 100% accuracy for size and concentric centre alignment.

For example, we machine hardened tool steel punches that are used to create gaskets for inhalers. There can be zero remaining particles and it is imperative that each item produced is 100% accurate. We dimensionally inspect, test cut and optically inspect sample washers using our shadowgraph prior to despatch.

CNC Universal Grinding Services

We can grind a range of materials from aluminium to hardened tool steels. Items from as small as 3mm diameter to 200mm diameter and up to 1m in length can be ground.

Our external CNC grinding services include not only simple diametric grinding but also form grinding and generated profile grinding. This high end process uses the corner of the grinding wheel to drive around the profile as if it was a single point tool.

We can also provide internal grinding services for creating bores, radii, shear angles and chamfers.

Using our computerised probe we check for size and positional accuracy allowing us to grind only the specified area required.


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