Finishing Services

A high quality finish ensures the surface of the component suits the purpose

To complete the manufacturing process we offer a range of accurate finishing solutions to suit the material and specification of the end product. A component may need to be ultra-smooth or perhaps a perfect fit with another item, we can deburr, hone, polish, weld or blast prior to assembly.

PDQ Precision’s rumbling machine media
PDQ Precision manufacture components with a variety of finishes including knurling

Direct and sub-contract: Aerospace • Packaging • Labelling • Motorsport • Tobacco cutting • Food • Stationery • Medical • Nuclear • Sub-sea Oil and Gas


Manual or hand deburring is a finishing process which allows for the precise removal of burrs and unfinished edges left by machining. Cross-holes, slots and a range of hydraulic parts all benefit from careful deburring for instances where no foreign object debris (FOD) can remain.

The deburring process offers cosmetic benefits but it is an important finishing stage for critical components, for example: airways or coolant paths have the potential to become blocked should there be any debris remaining. After deburring we carry out a manual optical inspection before signing off the project.

For general commercial deburring we use a large commercial rumbler with various grades of media for the removal of sharp edges and to make improvements to surface finishing.

  • Smooths and removes sharp edges and burrs
  • Essential for food and medical component  safety


After grinding the surface of a component we can hand polish using a range of cutting compounds. The surface can be brought up to a bright finish or worked to a highly reflective, smooth mirror-finish. Polishing can be applied to steels at the pre- or post-hardening phase depending on the surface requirement for the end-product. For example, we polish folder components used in packaging machines to benefit from the reduction in friction. The smooth finish allows the substrate to pass through the machine smoothly without picking-up on any deformities in the material.

  • Hone to create uniform bores
  • Allows for very fine adjustments and perfect accuracy


Honing is an abrasive, fine finishing operation used to size bores correctly, typically this is done post-hardening to return the bore to the correct tolerance in shape, diameter and surface finish. The honing process uses oil stones and a specialist hone abrasive compound which rotates against the work surface under a controlled pressure. Honing leaves a cross-hatch pattern as it relieves very fine amounts of material in the surface structure.

We can use honing to achieve matched male and female components where a perfect fit is required. The process enables accurate straightness of bores and can correct taper, ovality and axial distortion issues.

  • Hone to create uniform bores
  • Allows for very fine adjustments and perfect accuracy

Bead blasting

Bead blasting propels a continuous flow of abrasive blast material against the work surface to improve the finish and prepare the surface for treatments such as anodising. Bead blasting uses either glass or plastic beads to deliver a finer finish than sand or shot blasting. The process can be used for cleaning of tarnished surfaces through to peening and general surface improvement.


Our team can manually assemble manufactured parts and sub-assemblies into completed products or machinery. Following assembly we run a series of tests using a running-in jig or perform test-cuts for cutting heads or die punches.


Thinner metals, such as aluminium, magnesium or stainless steel, are welded using TIG which allows for fine joins on lightweight materials. For heavier steels and dissimilar materials we use MIG welding or brazing. Many of our precision engineering projects involve cutting tools or blades made of tungsten carbide. Brazing, for example, would be the preferred choice when attaching the blade to a steel housing.

  • Welding of similar and dissimilar materials
  • TIG, MIG and Brazing


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