Tobacco machinery spares

Specialist parts and spares for the cigarette and tobacco processing industry

PDQ Precision have a long history of the production of complete inner frame cutting units for Molins HLP1, HLP2 and HLP5 machines. We can manufacture and supply spares and parts or design custom tooling for your specific application.

Cigarette machine parts including inner frame cutting units and slitting rollers

Inner frame cutting units

We supply short (7 x 36.85) and super-short (7 x 32.25) inner frame cutting units. In addition, we offer non-standard pitch and number of knives to our customers’ specific requirements.

All products have high quality billet end bearers, precision eccentric and plain bushes to ensure smooth running, reduced wear and long service life.

Precision made knives ensure an accurate representation of the required layout including standard and special non symmetrical designs.

Pressure rollers can be supplied in a soft, toughened or hard state as per customer requirements.

All units are “run in” on our in-house card and reel assembly and supplied with a test cut for quality control purposes.

Tobacco machinery refurbishment service

PDQ Precision offers a complete refurbishment service of inner frame cutting units to an “as new” condition. Each unit is individually assessed, and a price supplied to either refurbish a donor unit or even to change a unit to a different layout as long as end bearers and gears allow.

Cigarette making machine parts and spares

Molins Denser end discs

PDQ Precision’s Denser End Discs are used on Molins Mk8, Mk9 and Mk9.5 cigarette maker machines. With experience in producing plain, single end and double end densing discs, PDQ have the ability to produce a varied amount of designs.

PDQ also supply plain untreated discs, hardened and even coated denser end discs as per the machine and customers required specifications.

Molins Sales

PDQ recommends that factories and buyers should contact Molins sales department with their specific requirements.

Specialist tobacco machine spares

PDQ Precision manufacture a wide range of OEM pattern tobacco and cigarette making machinery spare parts. We also supply modified pattern parts as designed originally by PMES for their various Philip Morris modified production machines including categories such parts as PMIL, 06 04 and CH part numbers. We are happy to provide a personalised quotation for your Philip Morris International cigarette manufacturing spares.